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tonight after being gunned down in the colorado massacre. we have the story from crystal lake. from o'hare airport on the long and winding roads outside chicago to far northwest suburban crystal lake a heroes escort for the 27 year-old john lorimer a u.s. naval petty officer one of 12 that died last week when gunmen stormed a call ryder movie theater his hometown paid their respects with flags tears and silence as the sailors first passed by.
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>>hearse passed by. earlier a military support organization gathered to give him a proper service member escort, none of them knew him personally but they felt they had to be there drawn together by the tragedy that didn't just rattle a small illinois suburb, it shook the nation. when they go overseas we realized and we accept some grave consequences that can happen we don't expect a casualty officer to knock on our door at midnight and tell us that our child has been killed in a movie fear. the theater. sedermovie
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theater. a sailor suitsalute as they paid tribute to a life lost in a senseless shooting. this death was no longer a headline, it was personal john lorimer was one of their own. >> this young man today is america's son and we are all his family and we should all grief with him and be at one with his family. they have asked for a total privacy since the news of his death thursday public visitation scheduled for tomorrow here a crystal lake funeral home. medically bills
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piling up for the critically injured survivors an aspiring comedian is suffering from brain damage and tea as recently a father as well. they're asking for help with their bill. medical bills for each could reach $1 million. some of the colorado medical facility say they will help victims pay part of their medical bills by getting money from hospital charity. the chick-fil-a controversy keeps expanding in chicago with the chicago republican party sounding off. the latest in that debate. >> i have just spoken to another alden and whose says frankly, not so fast. he is done
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talking to chicago media about the chain and its founders stated position against gay marriage but first ward chicago alderman joe marino is talking to a boston radio where he voices his anti chick-fil-a stand. if they do not come up with a better plan which they don't have as of today and if they do not in my opinion operate as a responsible business which means to not discriminate against anybody you are right but i'm still confident today we will work towards a good compromise. the owner is asking for a sit-down with the mayor to sort things out and explained that this is a
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good business, a great fit with any lifestyle. >> if you come in with me and sit in with my husband and my team and really experience the rest on a local level and see what we're doing in the community. it turns out all the talk may be for naught. the chair of the council's owning committee says when it comes to a proposal for logan square he is going by the books and not by the alderman dick privilege. i could not do because i don't want to get myself or the city in legal problems that would cost the city more than what the issue was worth. it certainly is a polarizing issue word on the street is split. >> i like it as a restaurant, i don't care about the political part. >> i think people should be able to do what they want, take the discussion elsewhere but regardless of your personal views. i believe in the separation of church and state.
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>> the plan to file a complaint with the illinois department of human rights citing religious discrimination. chicago police looking for the driver of a car that had a woman on the city's west side last night leaving her critically injured this this surveillance video the car drives off near the intersection, the 52 year-old victim remains in critical condition at a nearby hospital. anyone with information, please contact police. crime stoppers and kankakee county offering a $1,000 reward for the man police say opened fire at a warehouse yesterday, floras should be considered armed and dangerous he ran away from shooting an employee at a business in manteno he was taken to hospital in critical condition placing
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911 call if you have any information about where he could be. prosecutors say a girl was in courage to change her story in relation to john wayne gacy is nephew sexually assaulting her. killed in a hit and run right outside her job how family and friends honor. talked about the dangerous stretch of road. heavy hearts to the united
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baptist church on the west side for the funeral of 37 year-old nikki jones hundreds gathered to say goodbye to the cook county corrections officer who touched so many lives. pam shue is a beautiful person, always smiling. all time funny, very helpful. >> she was killed last thursday while reporting to work at the jail complex near 29th and california struck by a hit-and- run driver as she crossed the street a 51 year-old was charged with reckless homicide in remains in jail on a $50 bond. the married mother of a 60 world's was liked by everyone and never ended a phone call without saying i love you. i met
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her in 99 she came to work with us in division 11 shue is a new officer then, she was sweet as pie. >> many who work in the area say something needs to be done to make crossing the busier streets safer. before anyone else loses their life. it should be dedicated in her honor let's make an effort to put a memorial there. >> heavy rains in the 70 mi. per hour winds pounded the airport round 140 this morning possibly causing this wall to fall down. more storms came through tonight but not nearly as severe. of
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those storms will again be a possibility tomorrow, your first look at the weekend forecast next. motorola mobility leaving liberty bell for chicago. this drain custody issues surrounding the children of lacing or michael jackson.this strange custody issues it and the children
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costsmotorola is moving its headquarters to the merchandise mart to bringing along thousands of employees and plans for major investments. chicago is becoming more and more tax savvy. the gadget's put motorola on top of the phone business and now the company's headquarters moving to the top mayor emanuel is calling the id to city protected. it city protected. the smart phone tablet and data management company also plans to invest
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$300 million on their new home according to the mayor. motorola mobility was a purchase acquired by google in may. the company has only used android on its smart phones and tablas since 2008 it's a natural marriage of hardware and software. the city didn't give motorola a dime but the company does to keep $110 million in state tax breaks it got last year by staying in illinois. the group sees it as an ideal pairing of economics and innovation. motorola mobility clearly saw chicago is a place where they could recruit develop and maybe even steal talent from other companies but the mayor believes a major subsidiary of google
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will also give chicago when edge in the tax world. and edge in that the tech world. an edge in the tech world. we the taxpayers are basically subsidizing the outsourcing of our jobs from america this is wrong, no longer should the tax code be a tool used by companies to take american jobs and send them overseas, we have to stop that.
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voice mail, to attorneys said the recording comes from a series of voice mails the former penn state coach left for one of his victims in september last year off two months before his arrest on child sex abuse charges, the person identified is known as a victim of #two who was clearly seen in the locker room shower with sandusky raping him 10 years earlier the voice mails for sandusky's attempt to maintain control over the victims. >> i was just calling to see if you had any interest on go into a penn state game this saturday if you could get back to me and let me know i would appreciate it and when you get this message get back to me and i will talk to later. thanks, i love you. >> the victims' attorneys plan to file a civil suit against penn state, he was convicted of 45 counts of sexual abuse
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including rape. >> almost 1000 people protesting in and around anaheim city hall demanding that the police department to be held responsible for the shooting of an armed man. center michael jackson's drama appears to be far from over, the family matriarch katherine returned home prince jackson tweeted he was angry and hurt but now happy that his grandmother is back but that she was lied to. they say they took their 82 year-old mother to a spot in arizona under doctor's orders. there are
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rumors going around about me that i have been kidnapped and held against my will and them here today to let everybody know that i am fine and then share with my children and my children would never do all looka thing like that holding me against my will, it's very stupid for people to think they would do that. an apology tonight from the ceo of united airlines they experienced a host of problems after changing to a new computer system many customers complained about problems this spring they had trouble filing reservations. this ceo is apologizing and they say they are fixing the problem. researchers ranked the terminals where you were most likely to pick up a bug also a symbol of
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the lasting bond between to hospitals, they display their special gift. twitter was shut down for an extended period of time today. we will have more coming up next.
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hi. we're spreading the word about new honey bunches of oats fruit blends and their unique taste combinations. like peach/raspberry. with one flavor in the granola bunch and one on the flake. two flavors. in harmony. honey bunches of oats. make your day bunches better. unusually rainy these past couple of days. it's not been enough to break the drought. we will show you some numbers of the surprised us, another batch of storms go through these were quite scattered today carli
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called and this guy just weird. this sky just weird. finally the clouds that are the basis of thunderstorms captured by john have we got a group of photographers among our viewers or what, those are amazing shots in riposted some lightning shots from last night on our web site. you will see these clouds right
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here, this is a cool gush of air that is called the outflow and you can see winds blowing in. it can travel tens of miles away from the thunderstorm that produced it. here is our three- dimensional look at these storms that split into two batches as they came across the area. one affecting the southwest suburbs in and the other going up to the north. these were not big weather producers like the ones last night. look at this extended area of this cold front that is breaking the heat wave in parts of the country only 11
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states today with 100 vs 68 yesterday and an explosion of thunderstorms all the way up to new york. you will see this afternoon's showers developing there. strong this went recorded at the airport in a year. strongest wind recorded at the airport in the years. we checked
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some of the other stations around her, they have had 5.3 in. in a two week period. there are at least some green patches in parts of the area. tonight we're 16 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. tonight, it's 86 in st. louis this is the air mass we're getting into. south wins
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at 8 humidity 79%. our forecast or had ride is warm and humid tomorrow thunderstorms may bubble up in the afternoon. this is our 7 day average computer model forecast. there will not be much in the way of showers we will see clouds in here later.
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with a day-day chance of thunderstorms next week, maybe a subtle change in this pattern going on around the area. the damage has been done at this point in terms of crops. tomorrow, a beautiful day sunshine but to building clouds can produce an afternoon thundershower. there hasn't been
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much to develop great adjectives for in recent weeks. a consumer group claims that farming subsidies are actually paying for junk food. oooo
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